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What do the Experts Say: Top 5 Social Media Post Ideas for your Daycare

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June 7, 2021

By February 2021, Facebook had 2.8 billion monthly active users. On the other hand, there are 1.2 billion Instagram and Twitter users combined worldwide. These massive numbers are one of the many reasons why social media is the name of the game. In connection to this, Finch and Elm uses these major social media platforms to empower the daycare businesses they serve to reach families they might not have reached any other way.

How Effective is the Social Media Realm in Promoting Early Education?

It is no longer surprising to see social media websites being used for promotional purposes. Most businesses rely on social media to showcase the products and services they offer. Similarly, Finch and Elm find social media postings valuable. With just one click, millions of people all over the internet can view anything that has been uploaded. 

Five Best Practices Observed in Day Care Social Media Posts

There are a lot of factors that should be considered before posting anything online. Let’s see what the experts at Finch and Elm have to say:

1.    Photo Posts

Never settle for less. Use clear and high-quality images. One good image is better than ten blurry images. Studies reveal that a post gets 94% more views with photos and relevant pictures than content with text alone. Do not forget to put a link to your website at the end of the post.

Also, tell a story about the photo. Back it up with evidence and testimony from the daycare staff. For instance, use a picture of the kids having fun while exercising. Along with it should say something like, “We spend 15 minutes excercising in the morning before starting class. It serves as a warm-up for a fun day in school, Mrs. Granger said.”

Lastly, relate the photo to what your child care center has to offer. Discuss the school’s vision and mission, benefits, philosophies, etc. A photo post that has these components has a substantial effect on the audience.

2.    Video Posts

It takes a lot of patience and creativity when making video content. A simple yet informative and enjoyable presentation is enough.

A good video can feature classroom activities, school updates, parenting or early childhood tips, and many more! Focus on what your daycare center brings to the table when creating video posts. Don’t be surprised if you notice your ratings and referrals skyrocket when posting a complete and well-organized video.

3.    Personality Posts

Promote your daycare staff through personality posts. These give your audience an idea about the people who will be caring for their children. Consider this as a stepping stone towards building a firm partnership with parents.

Introduce the teachers and start building confidence and trust with potential families that might enroll at your school. Tell the stories of current parents and what they love about your daycare. At the same time, personality posts are not limited to text-only content. These can also come as photo posts and video posts too. This type of method is crucial in establishing a reputation as an early education institution.

4.    Blogs

Just like how this blog was created, another notable daycare social media content type is blog posts. These are great online marketing strategies for your school. Likewise, these can serve as a lead generator for potential families.

Blogs are globally known for their influential impact on their audience. Use these as leverage by posting blogs about your school regularly. By doing so, it can help increase your daycare’s popularity creating more potential enrollment.

5.    Reviews

Take screenshots of reviews for your daycare. This feedback from your audience is an excellent subject for a graphic post. There are many tools online to help you quickly craft the design and layout your content. Insert something like “Thank you for the great review” to boost your post.

Bottom line

It is a huge advantage for early education schools that the internet makes almost everything possible. Remember that an effective daycare social media post should engage the audience and remind everyone why your institution is different.

Be the Best from the Best

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