Website Question Checklist

Is your website answering these Top 12 Questions from parents?

Today, most parents are conducting more research online to make sure that they find a warm and safe childcare center for their little ones. Since they are becoming more wary towards the safety of their children, increasing enrollment to preschool centers can be a bit challenging. For preschool centers to remain operational every month, they need to utilize the most reliable marketing solutions available. 

An effective childcare marketing strategy today is developing a well-designed website. Your site serves as your image and says a lot about your preschool programs. As the old adage goes, “the first impression lasts.” Thus, every parent will get the first impression of your preschool center from your website. 

However, it is not enough that you have a website. If you don’t optimize your site, it will look like a high-end restaurant on the dead-end street that nobody drives down. But don’t worry! With the best practice in website development in place, watch how your website can do wonders for your preschool programs. 

Top 12 Questions from Parents

90% of Parents we surveyed made their decision to contact a school based on all these questions being found on their website.

1. Daily & Weekly Schedule

Day and Times offering classes or childcare

2. Costs

Associated costs for classes, childcare, memberships, events, etc.

3. Type of Learning Environment

Ex. Classical, Play-based, Regio, etc.

4. Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Parents showed high interest in the importance of student-to-teacher ratio.

5. Daily Routine

Parents are curious to read what a daily experience would be for their children. Does your website describe your daily routine?

7. School's Story

Parents do care how your early learning and childcare business started and why.

8. Staff Biographies

Feedback from Parents stated this was important in their “trust” worthy bucket.

9. Nutrition and Diet Offerings

With children having placed on nutritional and specific diets, what type of food and snacks are being offered is an important decision.

10. Holiday or Special Events

Does your school put together holiday plays or special student/parents events?

11. Student Progress Reviews & Parent Meetings

What is your student progress reporting process? Parents are very involved in their children’s development both physically and psychologically.

12. How is the school held accountable?

Some parents find “trust” in schools that perhaps offer live video feeds, received awards of schools, up-to-date certificates and licenses for your early learning facility and childcare business.

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