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The Growth of Early Education Through Social Media

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April 12, 2021

Early education is an opportunity that is often taken for granted. However, these early years of education have consistently shown that it’s the foundation of development. As a child care center with a mission to bring out young individuals’ creativity, how are you capable of showing that you’re most capable of providing this service? Through the access of social media, you can start conquering the virtual world. With Finch and Elm, you’re guaranteed that you reach out to your prospective clients and serve their children with quality education. 

Social Media for Daycares Today

The power social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, give to the early education businesses should never be underestimated. With over 3.96 billion social media users across the globe, there’s no denying it’s the most lucrative place to gather customers. Marketers target Facebook to share content, while Instagram for sharing images, all of which enable daycares to curate posts for their target clients. These channels are not only effective digital marketing tools, but they allow daycares to engage more parents while fostering a deep sense of close community. These benefits alone make social media usage more invaluable. With the millions of social media users coming to different sites, it’s easy to learn the true potential of earning visibility for your daycare. With increasing brand awareness, you are able to reach more. 

Why Social Media is Beneficial for Early Education 

There are countless benefits that social media offers for daycares. And it’s one of the best markets to deliver your message to a specific audience effectively. It improves customer service, brings quality brand awareness, and helps build your community. All these benefits apply to every type of industry. But for an early education center, it has a far more effect directly on its clients and the business. Finch and Elm gives five beneficial effects of social media on child care centers.

Engages parents

Most of the time, it is through referrals where an early education business gets its ample source of new clients. However, it takes more than an average amount of satisfaction before they recommend you to someone they know. Social media is powerful, and that’s what you can use to keep parents involved in your business. Parents want to keep updated on what their children are up to, and through your platforms, you give them an idea. You can make posts regularly by posting current scenes in their classroom assignments or showing off special activities, for example.

Creates a sense of community

A strong social media persona builds a sense of community within your clients and even the future ones. This doesn’t only promote your early education business but also instantly create referrals. Promoting through social media may be the most important digital advertising strategy for this industry type. This assures parents and puts them at ease that their children are in the hands of family. By creating updates or posts on different social media platforms, staff and teachers can engage with the parents, too. They can share student experiences or encourage deep connections among each other. 

Redirects viewers to your site

It’s ideal to have all your social media posts linked through your child care website. This allows potential clients to access information and learn more about you when you successfully triggered their interest. Your posts on different platforms act as the passage to your early education website. Giving them an extra boost through ads, strong call to action, and imagery, are few ways to drive more traffic to your site.

Improves communication

Through social media, you can improve seamless communication for parents and your daycare. Like any other platform, Twitter and Facebook allow your daycare and parents to communicate in real-time in most instances. This also improves the responsiveness of your center in replying to messages and queries. On the other hand, you can let parents be part of their children’s day when you post a story about their kids. 

Targets potential clients

Most of your potential clients will check your social media accounts once they show up through an online search. If you are active in posting updates, it will have an effect that shows how much you care for your business and the children of your school. Your posts provide prospective clients better ideas of the type of environment you give to children. This is better up-to-date advertising that showcases your school compared to bulletin board posts or website content that may not be consistent with updates. 

Socialize Virtually with Finch and Elm

Handling social media platforms is one of our best practices here at Finch and Elm. We’ll help you develop and improve your early education center’s digital marketing strategies for better results! Request a consultation with our experts at https://finchandelm.com/request-consultation/, or call (480) 535-4998 for more info. 

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