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Strategies: Google & Facebook Advertising For My Daycare

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March 8, 2021

Almost every parent today searches for a daycare online. By creating a professional and compelling site that puts a spotlight on what you offer, you can reach them. If you’re the educator who already searched for Google & Facebook Advertising for my daycare in any search engine, we can tell you that you’re on the right track. Start leveraging your site and school with Finch and Elm. We can help you with all the processes you need for your daycare’s digital advertising.

Importance of Google & Facebook Advertising

The internet paved the way for businesses to thrive in the technological advancements of marketing. From paper to digital, marketing and advertising have increased every business’s performance, including daycare centers, to reach more clients. Today, there are various platforms that a daycare like yours can use to optimize its presence and authority in the virtual world. With Facebook and Google dominating the web right now, you are opening your child care to more opportunities, enticing more parents to enroll their children. 

Your Next Google & Facebook Advertising Strategies

Google and Facebook are two platforms often juxtaposed with one another as competitors, but nothing is far more important than making a practical choice. Many firms such as daycare centers leverage their strengths in their various offerings. Finch and Elm listed some of the perks and offers you can get from these two tech giants.

Google Advertising Strategies:

Pay Per Click Advertising

Just as the name implies, pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising is transacted for every click your links can create. Instead of paying whenever a client sees your ad, with PPC advertising, you only pay when the client clicks on it. The majority of these ads are bought through Google Ads for daycare. But Yahoo and Bing also offer these options for daycares like any other business. These ads appear in many places, such as in search ads, shopping ads, or display ads. Whenever a potential client visits a web page, that’s when your ads appear in real-time. Then they vie against other companies with the same target markets.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Through an organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization, you can enhance and optimize the visibility of your daycare’s site on the web. Though a very complex idea for beginners, this involves many factors. This includes the solution on how to create traffic and conversions to your site, to name a few. By focusing on daycare SEO, you ensure that you gain visibility in search engines — a visibility that is an essential contribution to your success in the virtual world. With it, you also get to develop your content, increase your reputation, and be an authority in your industry. All of this is achieved through organic means or simply without the payment for advertisements to showcase your site. 

Facebook Advertising Strategies: 

Facebook Ads

With billions of users worldwide, there’s no doubt why Facebook is the best place to attract potential clients. Indeed, Facebook has a plethora of data about its users, ranging from criteria like age, location, and connections. These data are crucial for you to target specific customers and easily reach out to them by sending out ads suited for them. With the ability to laser target potential leads, there’s no need to put out generic ads because you already know your audience. This opportunity not only increases your chances to convert leads to actual clients but helps you minimize your marketing expenses. As a daycare, parents are your number one targets, specifically those living in close proximity to your school.

Facebook Chatbots

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots, you can chat with any potential lead at any given time, 24/7. The use of chatbots is very economical. Especially for daycares that cannot afford to hire another customer support employee. Chatbots are automated systems that can provide answers to clients’ queries to set up an appointment with your daycare center. The whole point of chatbots in Messenger is to filter out and qualify parents who come and see your ads automatically without human manipulation. But how can a lead reach out to Messenger? All these were made possible through Facebook click-to Messenger ads. 

Facebook Click-to Messenger Ads

Facebook click-to-messenger ads have many similarities with the typical Facebook ads. However, the difference is that the CTA or call-to-action button only shows a conversation with your chatbots in Messenger. When the conversation has taken place, your chatbots handle everything. In addition, you can integrate Messenger with your daycare’s Facebook page. All of these aim to let potential clients talk to your chatbots, qualify them, and once qualified, move to you to undergo usual business procedures.

Elevate Your Daycare with Finch and Elm

Google & Facebook advertising for daycare creates a strong brand. Suppose you’re not familiar with it but want to discover the potential your daycare can achieve, partner with us. Finch and Elm can guide you with all the processes. Request a consultation with us at or call (480) 535-4998. 

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