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Short SEO Guide for Child Care in 2021

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February 8, 2021

Ranking your child care in Google’s search is not easy. Understanding the factors that influence SEO ranking gives you an upper hand to get the best out of it. These factors, along with a powerful SEO strategy, put your child care on top of the list, locally or internationally. With Finch and Elm, you get the guarantee that you compete with full gear against other child care providers in your area. 

Why Is SEO Important for Child Care?

There are many elements that comprise SEO and understanding them and how it works is beneficial to understand why it is important. To make it short, SEO makes your child care website more visible to gain traffic. Such traffic opens up to more opportunities in converting potential parent clients to enroll their children in your child care center. Moreover, it’s a valuable instrument for spreading brand awareness, building a parent-school relationship, and placing your child care as an expert with authority in your field. 

Short SEO Tips from Finch and Elm

SEO has the potential to create a significant impact on your child care’s goals. Not optimizing this organic tool to boost your brand leaves you out of the stiff online competition. Finch and Elm gathered information to create a short guide on how you can level up your child care SEO in 2021.

Local SEO Tagging

Managing your center’s local SEO has worked in the past and will strive to reach heights in 2021. Location is a key aspect for parents to enroll their children at a specific school. If you want to earn more leads, optimize your site based on location searches and match this information to your school’s details. Should your school be located in a big city, include that city in your content and page titles. This helps improve the chances of ranking higher to the top of search results when a parent searches daycare at your tagged location. 

Consistent Appropriate Content for Topics and Keywords

When you create relevant and trending content, you also develop direct traffic for people to visit your site. This improves your ranking in Google and shows that your school participates with the current issues. Child care centers get this tremendous benefit, especially when they create child development and psychology content topics. This move doesn’t only optimizes their ranking but also shows their proactive approach.

Also, avoid the common mistakes of schools to only include top-listed and general keywords. Using these competitive keywords may result in your site receiving low performance in site ranking. You can opt for more specific and long-tail searches that are most related to your child care.

Optimized Location With Branding 

Most child care centers are searched for based on proximity and their brand. For child care SEO, this means working on your listing in Google My Business and adding necessary images and information to optimize your social media presence. Creating content-based topics for SEO is handy for child care centers with unique programs. To make this more effective, you may have to make a list of these features and explain why they are remarkable. You can dive into more child care SEO techniques if you want to outperform the local competition. Identify your edges by competing against content, codes, and other marketing strategies. 

Positive Brand Integrity

Reputation management is all about enhancing a brand’s image and building a positive reputation online. When your brand is filled with positive feedback, you get more reputation protection if someone tries to post a damaging review. You do not have to worry about high ratings, good reviews, or recommendations online if you have provided an exceptional service. Negative insults may harm your business, or it can also build it up. However, it still depends on how you will handle it. True, a damaged reputation can quickly assault the standing of your child care SEO, especially when words have already come out like wildfire. Hire reputation experts at Finch and Elm to help take care of it for you. 

Proper Website Format

Taking control of your site’s metadata gives search engines a substantial amount of context clues to find your site. Begin with the title tags bearing the distinct title for each of your site’s pages and displayed as your site’s hyperlink headline on the search engine results pages or SERPs. Maintaining succinct and strategic tags with important keywords and precise locations gives your site more dynamic reach. Create specific meta descriptions to avoid Google pulling out random texts to match the search query. Specifying your meta descriptions allow you full control of the keywords that Google picks up for each search.

Level Up Your Child Care with Finch and Elm

Attract more leads, create clients, and maintain an authoritative position for your child care in 2021 with Finch and Elm. Trust us to level up your SEO ranking and accomplish all your child care goals! Request a consultation now at or call (480) 535-4998. 

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