#SEOHacks: Handy Tips To Level-Up Your Daycare SEO in Scottsdale

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September 25, 2020

Like technology itself, Google changes fast. If you mean to garner organic traffic, you have to keep up. To gain position (and enrollees) in Scottsdale Daycare SEO, it pays to hire professional help.

Search Results Are Crucial

Why is improving your search engine results crucial? Parents and guardians start making their decisions based on what they read and see about your daycare business online. They also assume that the best childcare results are on the first pages of the key results. It is imperative to increase your website’s visibility if you’re going to be found by parents seeking daycare. Make sure to look for techniques and quality services to help you aim for the first page of search results in order to catch the eye of potential enrollees.

What do you Need to Increase Your Google Ranking?

Every summer, newer parents flock to the internet to find the daycares that will serve their children. Make preparations and look for people to help you with your daycare SEO. Boost traffic and conversions by getting your child care website to the first page of search engines. Improving your online ranking will take time, but an effective SEO campaign will bring change! Start early. Here are some tips to improve your daycare site’s Google ranking:

A Great Foundation

First things first. If you are working on your Google ranking, start managing your daycare website’s foundation. A great SEO campaign won’t guarantee you a great start if your website’s structure and information construction are poor. Make sure your daycare website is easy to navigate and for Google to crawl. Consider your website’s usability on a mobile platform. Perform a technical SEO audit and look for duplicate content.  

Optimization (For Mobile)

It is common knowledge that half or more of website traffic takes place on mobile devices. Consider a mobile-friendly test for your website. Google has rolled out “mobile-first” indexing, which makes websites rank higher if they’re usable on mobile devices. To avoid a mobile ranking meltdown, try to strengthen mobile performance. 

Optimization (Speed)

Monitor your website’s speed on both desktop and mobile, and continuously improve it. You can use some tools to scale your performance, like the Google PageSpeed tool. Execute speed optimization by checking the image file sizes, browser caching, and script handling. Remember that it is essential to optimize your website’s speed if you want to rank higher than the competition. 

Optimization (On-Page) 

Google has produced a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to help website operators boost their search rankings. This guide is meant for people who are promoting their online content for Google search results, and following their guidance will give you a big head start on your competitors. 

Optimizing your pages is also essential to ranking on Google. On-site SEO delivers search engine ranking improvement which promotes organic traffic, thus improving search engine ranking.  

Check Your Links

Work on your links. Links, both internal and external, will contribute to how your website ranks. Locate and fix broken links. This issue is often overlooked, making poor user experience. Turn site mentions into links, and make sure to link content from one page to relevant content on your other site pages. You can also use tools like Google Alerts to get notice of mentions of your website. Keep track of your mentions across the web and contact the site that mentions your or your site whenever you notice an unlinked mention. 

Get Finch and Elm’s Daycare SEO services in Scottsdale now!

This is just an introduction to strategies that will help improve the search performance of your site.  Finch and Elm employ SEO experts that specialize in daycare and school ranking and can attend to your SEO needs and concerns. Contact us at (480) 535-4998 for more information.

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