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How Can You Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking?

The exact algorithm for search engine ranking remains a mystery, but over the years online marketers have learned about the best practices and strategies to help improve website ranking through SEO. Money alone cannot help you get that #1 spot on search engines. But with the right approach and enough time, you can improve your search engine ranking. 

For a childcare business, a high ranking on search engines will attract parents, and more interested parents means an increased enrollment rate. However, keep in mind that no single strategy will bring your business website to the top– only a combination of factors can bolster your ranking. Are you ready to get your website on top of search engine ranking?

How Long Will It Take to Improve Your Web Rankings?

All business owners want to improve their visibility on the web, so often they look for shortcuts. While it is frustrating, there is no definitive answer to how long it takes for SEO to generate results. Every situation offers a unique set of variables. But one thing is for sure – SEO is a long game. Your marketing strategy and the level of online competition can play a vital role in how quickly your website can move up a notch.

5 Factors to Consider to Rev-Up Your Ranking

It’s time to boost your online visibility and rank up on search by keeping these factors in mind: 

  • High-quality and Relevant Content

When you supply your visitors with engaging and relevant content, they tend to stay longer on your website, which is a definite mark of approval in website ranking. Based on Searchengineland, longer content articles around 1,000 words tend to rank higher in search results, while a 300-word blog is thin according to Google’s standards. But are longer posts always better? No. Relevance and quality are always the keys.

  • Optimized Images

Search engines can quickly identify the graphic images on your website when you optimize your images, and it can be the extra spark your website needs to outrank your competitors. Optimizing images means reducing the size of the image without sacrificing its quality. It also includes renaming the images descriptively in simple language, including alt attributes, choosing the right file type, and showcasing your products wisely.

  • Fast Loading Speed

Google has long said that website speed influences ranking, yet there are still sites today that take too long to load. Large code files, high-resolution images and videos, and poorly written scripts are some of the factors that slow websites. So if you want to be on top, optimize your site.

  • Broken Links

“404 Not Found” is the last thing parents want to see on your website when they are checking out your programs. Search engines don’t want that either! Broken links will signal to Google, Bing, and Yahoo! that your website is old, which can take a toll on your website ranking. Make sure that your site is free of broken links.

  • Contact Us Page

Many business websites neglect the Contact Page, not knowing that it impacts user experience and influences search engine ranking. If you have a well-designed contact form, parents can quickly get in touch with you and help you generate new opportunities and leads.

As search engines continue to close the door on spammy strategies, anyone serious about digital marketing needs to take a long view. Reaching that #1 spot is indeed hard work, but once you start seeing the returns, it’s worth it. Here art Finch and Elm, we can help you create a plan to get your website on the search engines’ right side. Ready to get started? Dial (480) 535-4998 today!

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