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Scottsdale: Child Care Website Development Hacks

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January 11, 2021

Websites these days have gone beyond the most straightforward virtual representation of a brand. It’s so essential that it became a building factor of brand awareness, conversions, and profit for businesses of any size. Child care website development in Scottsdale is not new for Finch and Elm. Our expertise is largely in the creation and management of child care websites. 

Importance of Child Care Website Development

A child care website is the virtual facade of a child care center. As such, it represents the credibility of the child care center itself. Without the necessary information and the attractive elements to make parents inquire about your school, a child care center loses enrollees compared to a prepared competitor.

The key to a better website? Develop and optimize its content and features to match the needs and intentions of your audience.

Here are some important basics from the experts at Finch and Elm:

Simple Hacks You Need To Do

Consider these hacks from Finch and Elm to help you gain the leads you need in child care website development.

Use Real, High-quality Images

Humans are visual learners. According to studies, humans retain more information when they see it in a graphic format than in text. The best forms of this online are images and video. Increase the amount of time site visitors interact with your child care website using visual aids alongside your copy.

Though visual media is essential, quality still matters over quantity. Site visitors pay more attention to images with relevant information than standard images that don’t have any value. In essence, before choosing the photo to use, ask yourself whether it represents the quality of your center and is attractive to visitors.

Better than using stock photos, get the quality images you need by hiring a photographer or a professional graphic designer. These experts create pictures or videos depending on your need, and they are nearly always higher quality than stock photos on the internet. Think of photographer fees as an investment in your center’s brand. It’s worth the price because quality photos increase conversion rates. 

Make Your Site Easy to Navigate

Adding many links to every perceivable page on your site could increase the number of your clicks. But having too many options for navigation creates clutter and adds distraction. This reduces the opportunity to generate more clicks to the most important pages on your site.

Placing fewer options in the navigation bar makes easy access for site visitors to find what they are searching for. It’s also important to consider the position of the navigation bar. Conversion is more achievable for navigation bars placed on the header of websites than those set in the footer or sidebar. Once again, difficult navigation reduces conversions.

Choose the Right Color Palette. 

Web designers tend to overlook color when developing a website, and somehow this seems more true in child care website development. Bad color choices, too, can cost conversions. According to KISSmetrics, about 85% of customers say that colors are determining factors of their purchase. There is no specific color that fits all websites, but the proper combination triggers reactions from visitors.

Combine colors that elicit the right emotions about your brand to leave an outstanding impression.   

Get the Most Out of the Negative Space

Web design calls the unused space in a site ”negative space”. In contrast, the spaces that contain graphic or text elements are called positive space. Filling your site’s whole page with information does not create a great result for lead generation. Instead, this results in too much noise and makes the site stand out less than others.

Lack of negative space tends to overload the site visitors’ cognitive perception, pushing them away to different sites. Be a smart business owner by ensuring you have the right amount of negative space. This enables you to highlight CTAs and other important page links, such as your contact us page. You can increase the amount of negative space on your site by breaking up long text blocks into shorter ones. Use lists and bullet points when it is appropriate, and don’t forget to use visual media like photos and images to split longer text. 

Create Your Child Care Website with Finch and Elm

Learning to create a high converting website can’t be done overnight. It’s not an easy task, especially for beginners. Are you a child care provider in Scottsdale? It’s a good thing you have us. Finch and Elm specializes in child care website development and digital marketing. Request a consultation for all your website needs at

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