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How to Optimize Your Daycare Website Development

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May 10, 2021

Daycares nationwide that have built their schools’ brands through word of mouth. Once upon a time it was as easy as telling your closest family and friends that you’re opening a school, and soon you had kids enrolled in your daycare. In today’s segregated, online world, how do you keep a school filled with children? Daycare website development is a big part of the answer.  

Go Where Parents Go

Parents these days do a lot of online research to find a new daycare for their children. Most of them go through countless daycare websites before opting for one daycare center. If your daycare website doesn’t show up in search, then you’ll miss out on the potential to grow your business.

If your site doesn’t generate or convert leads, you should begin stepping up your daycare website’s development. Finch and Elm specializes in daycare website development so you can easily attract parents to your site (and your daycare).

Your Daycare Website Development Hack

Finch and Elm’s top five things to consider when putting up or revising your new daycare website. 


Your daycare website should be a reflection of your preschool. There are many website editors today that you can access to create your school’s first website. These are easy plug-and-play website editors where you won’t need a graphic designer to build a beautiful site. However, ensure that your site looks neat and is effective on all device types, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. If you think you have no time to create one or lack the creative skills to do so, Finch and Elm can do all daycare website development for you. Remember that your website is the first encounter you will have with your target customers. Leave them with a good lasting first impression.

Accessible homepage

What’s the most important thing your customers want to know about you? Include them on your site’s homepage near the top. Unfortunately, not all daycare website development strategies include putting contact information on the homepage, but they should. Always make the parents feel that your school is easy to contact by placing email, company landline, and your school’s address. Also, make sure it’s easy to see what ages of children you’re currently accepting so parents won’t feel like you wanted their time if they have kids in age groups you can’t accommodate right now. Lastly, make your schedule easy to find and read. Putting these items front and center will prevent you and parents wasting time on frequently asked questions.

Enrollment and tuition details

Ensure that parents can see and understand your enrollment process by reading your website. Give them a heads up about application fees, application deadlines, tours, and class format.

On the other hand, putting tuition details online is a matter of some debate. Some educators think that it’s a big no, while some others believe it helps families who can’t afford your service self-qualify, saving time and energy for all involved. Regardless, make sure you include other essential financial information like financial aid or whether or not you accept subsidy payments.

Relevant content

Getting good, timely content posted on your site is important. Pages with five hundred to a thousand words tend to rank higher in search engines compared to those with less. Pages or blog posts with fewer than 300 words are often considered too thin by Google, and those pages often don’t get ranked. This doesn’t mean you should write a thousand-word blog post on a meaningless topic. You should focus on creating what your target customers need to know.

Customer testimonials and FAQs

Feedback and reviews are only two assets a daycare website needs.Testimonials give your target customers a glimpse of what your school has to offer and whether they can trust you. Even if you put all relevant information on your site, some parents will ask questions you answered on different pages anway. To help them (and your SEO) Write an FAQs page or section on your site for helpful answers to common questions.  

Upgrade Your Daycare Website Development Plan with Finch and Elm

Are you getting left behind by your local competitors online? Get ready to achieve new heights for your preschool using Finch and Elm’s daycare website development strategies. Go to to learn about this offer today or call (480) 535-4998 for a consultation. 

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