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How to Boost Visibility through Search Engine Optimization for My Daycare

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November 9, 2020

If you have questions like; how does Search Engine Optimization increase visibility for my daycare or how can it help my daycare increase school tour requests, This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in.

What Can SEO Do?

With SEO, your site ranks up higher. By ranking higher, you get more site views for having good content and having a lot of backlinks, to name a few. Hence, a good SEO campaign will help you increase conversions of site viewers to actual customers or clients.

What Can Finch and Elm Do for my Daycare?

We have been in this business for more than 20 years traversing digital marketing and web development. We took a path to foster the needs of educators. With Finch & Elms’ SEO Services, we ensure your site’s visibility locally and across the USA.

Below are some of the great deals we can offer you:

  • Google Ranking Analytics and Keywords

Keywords are one of the most powerful optimization tools. In choosing your keywords, you can list those that match your services. For example, daycare business, childcare, early education, preschool, etc. are excellent key words to be placed on your headers and other website contents. Place yourself in the shoes of the parents who are looking for childcare centers online. Come up with the best keywords and write content that will help answer questions that your services provide the answers for. With this, you will gain clicks that are recognized by Google that ensure moving up in rankings. 

  • Online Business Citations and Links

To promote your daycare website, there are business citations online that will show the details of your business, on their listing portal. They will list things like your business name, contact details, address. In fact, you can look up on the web for free and paid citation websites that can help with the backlinking of your website. Backlink helps in the SEO rankings because search engines consider these sites trustworthy. Citations are essential if your business is targeting a particular location. You can use general local directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

To help you more with links, you must have inbound links from big and credible websites. Make connections online with companies in a similar business field as yours and start trading links. 

  • Localized Content

Since you are marketing a childcare hub, your website must contain content that targets your location. Hence, give your target audience all events and entertaining activities you have coming up. Make sure to upload these activities as content on your website. Include your hired businesses’ details such as their location and provide a link for their website to provide additional local credibility. If you have  daycare centers located in different places; your website should include pages that are specified to each area. 

  • Reputation Management

You must handle this as one of the essential factors in gaining customers online. Unsatisfied parents can leave negative reviews whenever they encounter a terrible service concerning the care of their child. Counter these negative reviews by building good reviews. In addition to that, focus on reviews management. A good reputation has a positive effect on your local SEO. 

  • Track your Results

To figure out what is still missing on your childcare website, you might need to check what’s working and what’s not working by tracking your results. In addition to that, figure out your data by knowing these critical metrics: the rankings, traffic, and conversions. Ask your SEO service provider these reports. Install web ranking trackers like Google Search Console and track your ranking at least once a month. In terms of your web traffic and conversions, you can simply check Google Analytics.

Get Started With Finch And Elm SEO Services!

It may take a bit of time and patience but wisely using the internet to your advantage is the best way to achieve your goals quickly. Take your daycare website’s ranking to the top using Finch and Elm’s premium search engine optimization services made specifically for your daycare website! Receive well-detailed website audits and attract more local customers on Google. Request a quote today at or call (480) 535-4998. 

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