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How to Ensure Your Kindergarten Website Gets Found on Google Maps

Businesses that want to attract prospective parents to their kindergarten websites should use proven strategies to stand out on Google. Competition in the digital landscape is fierce, and the companies that stay committed with the latest SEO strategies will reap the rewards of getting found on Google. 

In today’s digital age, parents check out a facility online before they visit, let alone sign their kids up. If they find only a little information about the school, they tend to go on to an option with updated, relevant information. It is no surprise that parents feel skeptical of kindergartens with little or no online presence. Fortunately, you can boost your enrolment rates and web presence with Google Maps.

Appearing in the top spots of Google Maps listings can improve d daycare’s enrolments, phone calls, and scheduled tours. So if you want to boost the online visibility of your kindergarten school website, it’s time to get found on Google Maps!

Why Ranking on Google Maps is Important for Your Business

When a parent searches for “kindergarten near me,” does your business show up? If yes, is it on the first, second, or third page of search results?  

In every local business today, getting found on Google is one of the more challenging feats business owners will encounter. While word of mouth helps companies, getting seen in searches makes a more significant, more immediate difference. Getting your business listed on Google Maps will move traffic to your website and increase phone calls to your daycare.

Show Up in Google Maps with Finch and Elm!

Many businesses use Google Maps to help potential customers find them. But how can you rank higher on Google Maps?

  • If you want to get found on Google Maps, add and verify your Google My Business page
  • Use a local telephone number with the corresponding area code of your location
  • Avoid using a tracked number to separate potential customers coming from Google Maps as it can damage your ranking when done wrong
  • Add high-quality photos to your Google My Business listing to show the parents the environment waiting for their kids 
  • Get more Google reviews from trusted and loyal customers to rev up your ranking

No business can ignore how vital a role Google Maps plays in ranking on top. So if you want long-term business survival, make sure that your school shows up in Google Maps. At Finch and Elm, we provide an all-encompassing approach to help your business rank higher in Google’s search results. Are you ready to increase your enrolment rate today? Call (480) 535-4998

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