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Content Marketing For Start-Up Child Care Providers You Need to Create Now

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December 7, 2020

Do you have a child care business that seems no parents are showing interest in? Of course, you get limited clients in this time of crisis, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up empty-handed of school tour requests and even enrollees. When parents know your credibility in handling issues and carrying out a well thought out plan, you get their trust. And the best way to spread this news is by implementing the right strategies. Consider content marketing for your child care business with Finch and Elm. 

Why You Should Start Now 

Most, if not all, schools are now offering online classes. While other schools continue with the traditional face-to-face class lessons, they conduct it with fewer students. Take this opportunity to reach more parents and to enroll their children as more schools reopen for the next semester. You will entice parents when you show off how worthy your school is. Make that possible with effective and efficient content marketing. 

Considering the Right Content Marketing

There are tons of ways to spread the news about how incredible your child care service is. According to eMarketer, about 60% of North American marketers are putting out at least one content each day. And that means the competition to attract more customers is getting stiffer. While effectively targeting the right customers will depend on your approach, Finch and Elm has the expertise in creating content marketing ideas for a profitable output. 

We list the most sought-after content marketing ideas to consider for the new child care business.

Blog Content Marketing

There is a good possibility that you have come across a blog. Well, that’s because blogs are the number one sought-after type of content marketing. It allows specific word-per-word information delivered for site visitors. Blogs are powerful inbound content that enable a more customizable experience for the brand’s clients. Parents looking for child care services are into informative blogs that help them decide which school is best for their children. As for the child care provider, you can add external content, share buttons, and promote product details that could, in turn, be a source of additional profit.

Video Content Marketing

Do you want to go viral? Most brands that have seen a spike in their brand awareness is through compelling video content. Make an impact among the minds of your target customers with stories that feature your school. Since your child care service is all about kids, consider having them as the point of interest in advertising your school. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to see adorable children?

Social Media Content Marketing

It seems that almost everyone on the entire planet is using at least one social media platform. Go where most of your target customers are and you’ll find there’s a lot of fish in the sea. Over 2.7 billion people are using Facebook and about a billion people are using  Instagram each month. So declining to leave a piece of any content marketing post on these sites is a loss of opportunity. 

Infographic Content Marketing

Infographics are visual presentations made up of texts and information. It’s an interesting graphic that helps convey summarized data in the least amount of time. It also tends to be much quicker access to information than lengthy texts that could take up to 10mins to read.

Paid Ad Content Marketing

Paid ads are what you see most of the time on top of your search results on any search engine. It’s another way of leveraging your content against other brands. But this strategy comes with a cost as you have to ensure payments to maintain your sights visibility on search results. The most common of this kind of content marketing is what you see on Facebook. Paid ad content marketing helps you promote your school’s services with payment. In contrast, cost-effective and natural enhancement are done through Search Engine Optimization, like what Finch and Elm offers to its clients.

Start With Finch and Elm

There’s no need to feel small when you’re just starting your preschool or daycares website. In fact, not all child care businesses who have been in the industry understand how to manage their sites well. At Finch and Elm, our expertise lies in content marketing and all the stuff you need to know about web development. Contact us today to request a consultation at, or call (480) 535-4998.

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